"Support Your Farmers" Campaign

Dear Friends,

We always try to cater to your needs and work on making your food dreams come true. Based on your feedback, we plan to offer not just the whole broilers and heritage chickens, but also chicken cuts - quarters, breasts, wings. To do that, we need to invest $2,400 into a vacuum packaging machine. As we are trying to stay afloat, this price tag is currently out of our reach.

We ask you to help us help you. Please consider helping us raise these funds. Any contribution is sincerely appreciated. Anyone who contributes $20 or more will get some free product from our farm as a token of appreciation: a pack of eggs, or a jar of honey, etc. If we reach our fundraising goal, we will raffle a two-night Farm Stay at our farm for this fall.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Ed McNamaraComment