Salted Meadow Butter

Salted Meadow Butter


Kosher certified Meadow Butter is made in small batches only during the growing season when the cows are grazing on quality, fresh pasture grasses. Meadow Butter is made by Kriemhild Dairy with 100% grass-fed milk from a single family farm Red Gate Farm in Hamilton, NY. This sweet cream butter is churned slowly and finished with an 85% butterfat, resulting in a decadently rich smooth textured butter.

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The eggs are Certified Organic, Soy-Free, GMO Free, Hormone Free*, Antibiotic Free. The FDA lists soybeans as one of the top 8 allergens. We purchase organic no-soy feed locally from an organic granary in Penn Yan, New York.

Our eggs are washed under fresh spring water that is tested annually - we never use recycled water. The eggs are then air dried, packaged, and placed into refrigerated storage until delivered to customers.

* Hormones are not used in the production of shell eggs