Pastured Organic Soy-Free Brown Eggs

Pastured Organic Soy-Free Brown Eggs

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SOVA Organic Eggs come exclusively from our farm. Our Red Star and Bovan Brown hens – known for their delicious brown eggs – are free ranging acres upon acres of Certified Organic Pasture, eating grasses and clover, along with a SOY-FREE and NO-GMO multi grain diet. Unlike most organic brands that you can find in stores, our hens are never inside during the “good weather” season. Even in winter, they roam on the fields getting the sun, fresh air and engaging in their natural behavior. This makes our eggs very nutritious and healthy.

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The eggs are Certified Organic, Soy-Free, GMO Free, Hormone Free*, Antibiotic Free. The FDA lists soybeans as one of the top 8 allergens. We purchase organic no-soy feed locally from an organic granary in Penn Yan, New York.

Our eggs are washed under fresh spring water that is tested annually - we never use recycled water. The eggs are then air dried, packaged, and placed into refrigerated storage until delivered to customers.

* Hormones are not used in the production of shell eggs