About Us

The farm is nestled among the rolling hills of Norwich, New York. It has naturally defined fields and certified organic pastures, a stream going through the middle of the farm and a handful of ponds. It was originally established in the early 19th century and was a part of the Underground Railroad that operated in this area between 1830-1860 . For much of its time it has been used as a dairy farm, similar to the surrounding farms. It was a hobby farm for the past few decades before becoming once again a working one under SOVA.

Rose and her husband Ed wanted a life style change that would allow them to spend more time together while becoming more productive and closely attuned to the community around them. So they purchased a farm in upstate New York and named it SOVA Farms which stands for "Stewards of Vast Abundance." They feel blessed to be able to work the land to the betterment of the soil, the grass, the animals and their customers.

SOVA Farms is already famous for its certified organic soy-free eggs from free ranging, pastured hens. They also produce delicious organic broiler and heritage chickens.  In fall of 2017, Saint Croix hair sheep arrived to the farm and gave birth to organic lamb the following spring

The decision to have the farm and animals certified organic was an easy one, and even though it means adhering to exacting standards, the customers can not only be assured of high quality food but also know that Rose and Ed are practicing humane and sustainable farming.